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8mm Movie Film and Video Tapes to DVD, Audio To CD

Old 8mm Movie Films can transferred to DVD, VHS, Beta, Video 8, Hi8, Digital & Mini DV Tapes converted to DVD's, Records & Audio Tapes Recorded to CD's


Standard 8 & Super 8 Movie Films transferred to Video (DVD), as an Audio Visual Production, with Special Editing, Titles & Background Music.

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Audio-Visual Slideshow Presentations

35mm Slides, Negatives, Photo Prints & Digital Images (Photos) can be scanned into a Special Computer Program, to create a personalized DVD Audio Visual Presentation, featuring panning & zooming movement of images, adding of soft background music to complete a DVD production, to play back through your TV.

Your 35mm Colour Slides together with prints (Black & White or Colour) or negatives are scanned into our computer system where the images (photos) are put together in a special program that shows movement of each photo, giving the impression that it is a camera movement of zooming in or out and panning across the photo, a smooth cross fade or special transition effect introduces the next photo. The production includes, adding titles to the photos and background music.

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Photo Restoration

We can repair damaged or faded photographs by our Special Digital Computer Art Program, Producing a New Photograph just as good or better than your original Photo.

Photographs that have faded with age, cracked or damaged by Silverfish or in some other way, can be reproduced and digitally repaired by our special computer techniques. A new print is made and in some cases may appear better than the original.

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